Mom Mastery University Might Be the One Thing You are Missing!

What is different about Eva? What is she up to? How come she isn’t overwhelmed when this would have sent her running around the block barefoot or buried under her covers? How can she be so calm in this situation? How can she be so sure that what she is working towards will come true? She speaks as if it has already happened!

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Last year the phrase, “Adulting is hard!” popped up in many conversations and has become a part of our culture.

I am a lifelong learner and have always been fascinated with the psychology behind success.

I still have Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power II, The Driving Force!” 30-day success journal with the copyright of 1993! I remember listening to the cassette tapes in my tiny apartment when I was away at college.

I am so familiar with his training, that even phrases like, “Repetition is the Mother of Skill” has been ingrained in me!” Investing in personal development has been a way of life for me.

So it doesn’t surprise me that I am so passionate about Mom Mastery University, MMU.

My mentor and success coach, Hannah Keeley, is the founder of this amazing ministry for moms that meets them right where they are.

Remember how I described myself running barefoot around my neighborhood? Or how I was SO paralyzed with fear that I just gave up and buried myself under the covers in my bed? Have you ever been there? Are you there right now?


Take a deep breath and keep reading!

Hannah Keeley uses her background as a behavior therapist and her experience raising eight kids to come alongside moms in every season of life.

I’ve read her books, watched her TV shows and followed her blog for eight years. Last year after doing her 3-Day Mom boot camp and her 21-day Mom Rescue program (both FREE!) I knew that I wanted to join MMU.

She has the missing link that many do not have. She understands the heart and brain of a modern Christian mom.

We have so many things pulling at us at one time that it can get very overwhelming. Many times we can become paralyzed to move one step forward, and before we know it, we have unknowingly slipped into a pit. You know, the pit of anxiety, foggy thinking and eventually depression. “Don’t Know, Don’t Care!” We become tired of swimming against the current; we lose sight of why we wanted to have a family in the first place and eventually of who we truly are.

When the emotional rollercoaster of being a mom of “littles” or “not so little anymore” starts to take its toll, when she yells at her kids and then beats herself up for losing her temper, she eventually becomes so weak emotionally and spiritually that she develops what Hannah describes as a modern phenomenon. Mom Fatigue Syndrome. The root of it all is learned helplessness. I remember the rush of feelings I experienced the first time I heard this from her. It touched a nerve so deep in my core.

Learned Helplessness. So this is what I keep running up against whenever I want to achieve more success and become the woman God created me to be!

I thought it was Fear of Success that kept me from pursuing my goals and dreams.

But God. He transformed my life from the pit I described.
I thank God that He led me to MMU so that I could learn and master the needed skills to go after the dreams God put in my heart.

My passion is to inspire and equip moms to get the training and skills they need so that they live their lives with Faith, Hope, and Love!

I call it Soaring!

Motherhood is a profession and a calling. We are the CEOs of our families. We are responsible for a lot! Marriage, Parenting, Finances, Emotional Health, Physical Health, Personal Success and our Faith! Wow! I know, right?

If you are tired of spinning your wheels, need to break free from that mindset that is holding you back and are ready for a fresh start, then go ahead and join me in Mom Mastery University! I would love for you to be part of my mentor circle so that you experience the “Soaring Life” too!

If you choose to sign up, will you let me know so that I can encourage you along the way?

Also, I know many are asking if there is a way to check out Of course! Enrollment is open, and you can join at the Master level anytime! Then we can SOAR TOGETHER!

Have questions? I know, I always like to know how it will work for me and the season of life that I am in.

 Take Me to a FREE CLASS right now!

Trust me, you’ll feel confident being equipped with the right skills to tackle that area in your life where you would love some extra help!

But you’ve got to take action!!! (I should know because I have stalled so many times.)

But Not You! Today You Are Going to Take Action! Right? If you are ready, just follow this link for a free coaching series right here.

So, my suggestion is to take the quick survey that will pinpoint the area in your life that is a struggle for you and start getting the help you need TODAY!

How does that sound to you?  Just try it out and get the latest tips and tools from the leading experts in every field! I could mention the big names, but honestly, I want you to discover them and ALL that MMU has!  Give it 30 days, and if you do not think it’s a good fit for you, then you can get your money reimbursed!

Or like me, you will be STUNNED AT THE TRANSFORMATION from the INSIDE OUT! You’ll decide THIS is HOW you are going to do life from now on! You’ll keep plugged in and then become a mentor and help other moms go from survival mode to SOARING LIKE NEVER BEFORE! I promise you that inside MMU you will find the most supportive and powerful TRIBE of Mamas from all over who are right there with you!

So what do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or email me at Yes, I’m serious!

I can’t wait to hear from you! (WHY WAIT? JOIN TODAY! IT’S YOUR TURN!)
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This way you will be placed directly in my mentor circle, and I will help you get set up with your 90-day challenge that will nail where it is you are stuck and get you moving forward again! I know, even when we are successful in some areas of our lives, as we stretch outside of our comfort zone, having the right people and tools help us is a God-send and honestly a game changer.

Eva Penner with my email,

Yay!!! I can’t wait to see how God transforms YOUR LIFE!!!

2018 is going to be YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!!!

P.S. Who knows? You might launch your very own blog, home business, or even write that book!
I believe it, and I can’t wait to see it happen!
Are you still here? You are awesome! Go give yourself some ME time and take a FREE class!
Hope you enjoy it!