I made you something to help you! God has a lot in store for you this season! He's going to take us to new heights, so we must be prepared! Keep your joy and your peace as you SOAR with me!

Happy and Blessed Beyond Measure Easter!!!


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Here in Southern California, some people are on Spring Break this week.

If your schedule is filled with sports (baseball season for us), field trips (Astronomy Camp and Legoland), spring performances, birthdays and milestones, then take heart! I made a free printable that you can download and post on your fridge or family calendar!

(To be honest, I'll be adding this to my Vision Board, too! Yup! I am signed up for Round 2 of Hannah Keeley's 4-week intensive coaching series themombootcamp.com.

 It was in only week 2, on Martin Luther King's Birthday that I finally pushed publish and my little blog went live!!! I didn't even get a chance to keep it on my Vision Board before I had to take it off!

I'm still learning the astounding benefits of not only having a Vision Board but actually using it as a Faith-Driven tool for success in every area of my life! I know! It's crazy!

It's also why my "Pinterest Therapy" when I was counting the hours until bedtime ended up being the driving force of this very blog you are reading!

Have you been there? Are you there right now? You are not alone! Come join me on themombootcamp.com.

I will be there to help you make sense of why we sometimes will sabotage our own success and more importantly how to keep showing up!

I will also be there to praise God for the life-changing transformation you will experience!!! (I'll share in a future post!)

If you choose to enroll, just put in eva@evapennerinspirations as the mentor that referred you.

I would love to join you and my other friends in my BIRTHDAY MONTH!

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Go get your Spring Freebie that I made for you!

  2. Go grab a spot in themombootcamp.com (It starts on April 2, 2018!!!)

  3. Your life will never be the same, nor will mine! xoxo