Hey Mama! I love that your curiosity brought you here!

I'm Eva. I am blessed to be one of God's daughters, wife to my best friend Matt, and Mama to Noah, Christian, and Makayla. I affectionately started calling them our  3-ring-circus when they were little. (I'm sure I created a Pinterest board with this same title!) They aren't little anymore. I hung on tightly to the saying, "The days are long, but the years are short." I remember my mom trying to empathize with me when we were in "Survival Mode" by saying, " just a couple more years and then it will be easier." I know she meant well, but that did not encourage me when I was in the throes of motherhood. What did encourage me was that when it seemed like we were drowning in that season of life, she always extended a helping hand and tons of grace. Now they are 13, 11, and 8. We are constantly amazed by how God is shaping them and molding them as well as us in the process! 

Fun Facts:

  • Born in Spain

  • Proud Air Force Brat

  • Used to be trilingual (If you don't use it, you lose it!) 

  • Loves coffee and Jesus but not in that order!

  • Loves to sing and HAS to exercise every day.

  • Will probably have candy in my pockets when I'm 80!

  • Of course, I am rooting for moms... I wanted to be one since I was four!

So that's a little bit about me.

I want you to know that I am excited for YOU!

Do you know why I’m excited? It’s because I know that God led you here!
How do I know this? Well, there is no other way you would be reading this!
It’s true, and you know it (LOL) and if you don’t already know it… you will!

You see when God puts someone or something right smack dab in the middle of your face (or screen) there are only so many ways you can deal with that. Just like there are only so many ways you can accept who you are and where you are in life. Or more likely, “where you want to be in life!” "Why am I stuck in the same muck and mire that God pulled me out of yesterday?" is something we all ask.

Like I did when I turned the big 40. "I am 40… How is it that I haven’t accomplished this yet?"  (Our younger selves projected much wiser and “put together” images than the one that is staring back at us, right???)
But whose thoughts are we listening to? If you’ve been led here, make no mistake, it’s because God wants to somehow use me and this growing community of women from all walks of life to bind what has broken your heart!

If you get this, then you are in the right place!
If you love God and your family but are tired of how hard it is sometimes, then you are in the right place.
If you were scarred as a child because you were exposed to how dark this world or someone can be, then you are in the right place.
If you have been set free and want to be part of what God is already doing in the lives and hearts of everyone in this sacred space, then you are right at home!

I believe God wants this blog to be a place where He can expose our deepest hurts into the LIGHT so that He can heal us. For some of us, there will be a complete healing. For others of us, there may be a daily healing. I think that might be the case for most of us!

This blog is for you. I believe God is calling you to higher places. This blog is for us. You and I are on this journey together, and we are going to make an impact on our families and our communities. We are all different and share many gifts and desires that God is going to use to build a generation of women who live out their lives in Faith, Hope, and Love!

This blog will continue to be a resource of Hope and Love as well as the latest tips and tricks to make your GOALS the catalyst to everything your heart desires.
It starts with inspiration, but you and I know that it is going to take grit, determination and time-tested strategies to get to where we are going!

It is also going to take your level of FAITH in God and in who you are in Christ to push past the wall you are facing. I know you. Ambitious doesn’t even begin to describe the determination and vision you have inside you.

It is my honor to guide you along the way, share where I am on my journey and provide the answers, resources, and experts that will continue to bring you wisdom in building your own dream life.

A life filled with God’s love, supernatural peace, and joy beyond measure. One that brings glory to God so that you can rise in your spirit and live a life that He designed for you.

How does that sound? I THANK GOD for HIS VISION because you and I know that life this side of heaven is sometimes HARD. God redeems and restores all those broken pieces, and makes something new because He loves us!

There are treasures in the darkness. Let HIS LOVE SHINE on you so that we can all carry each other’s burdens and cheer each other on in this windy road we call life!